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Congratulations to the current Mayor and Council of the City of New Hope!  Municipal election qualifying has ended and all the members of the governing body are officially unopposed!  The new term will begin November 2020 and end 2024.    We currently have or have had several large projects underway such as:   a sewer treatment plant upgrade to increase the capacity, resurfacing of Ed Spears and sewer upgrade, splash pad built and many other projects that help to add to the quality of life for our residents.  We look forward to four more years of progress for our city!

Mayor Butch Taylor

Councilwoman Kay Manley – Police liaison

Councilman Roger Walling – Street Dept liaison

Councilman Ronald Schrimsher – Water Dept liaison

Councilman Billy Colburn – Civic liaison

Councilman Donnie Dowdy – Park liaison