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Department Liaison:

Councilman Roger Walling
For large items or more than a reasonable amount of trash you must contact City Clerk at City Hall, 256-723-2616 ext. 213 to schedule a pick-up. The normal cost for over-sized trash is a minimum of $50. This amount is subject to change depending on the amount to be disposed.


Please abide by the following regulations when disposing of bulk trash within the limits of the City of New Hope:

1. No Paint or Chemicals will be picked up.
2. No Tires or Shingles will be picked up.
3. Trash or Limbs brought in from another city or county will not be picked up.
4. Leaves should be bagged for pick up.
5. Construction/Renovation materials will not be picked up, contractors or homeowners are responsible for disposing of this type of debris.

Placement of trash:
1. Do not place trash or limbs on top of a water meter or sewer manhole.
2. Do not place trash or limbs under power lines.
3. Put trash and limbs on your own property.
4. Place all items within 10 feet of the road and preferably not in a ditch.
5. Separate Trash and Brush in two distinct piles.


Per Section 12 of Ordinance 298: (a) It shall be unlawful for any construction or demolition contractor to fail to provide on-site containers for loose debris, paper, building material waster, scrap building material, and other trash produced by those working on site. (b) Dirt, mud, demolition and construction waste, and other debris, whether located upon public or private property, shall be removed on a continuing basis as produced on the premises or in relation to a demolition or construction project: and in no case shall such waste remain on or near the premises or in relation to a demolition or construction project for a period of longer than 30 days.